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LIPCAS SA, more than 40 years of faithful service For more than 40 years, LIPCAS SA has been at your service with a wide range of quality butter, poffertjes and pancakes (crepes). We are not only in the service of the food industry, as for example the industrial bakeries, the meat industry and the industrial kitches, but also of the artisan bakery, the butcher and the restaurateur at the corner of the street. Besides, we suplle countless department and grocery RETAIL stores. Lipcas Sa has also built a solid reputation with several schools and associations. The youngsters having earned a nice amount of pocket money by selling pancakes for their school trips or youth camps are innumerable. Lipcas Sa offers many advantages, but among them, the main advantage certainly is the quick and regular delivery with our own refrigerated trucks: you are not obliged to order big supplies, and still you can offer your clients quality fresh products. We are the proud holder of different certificates, establishing conclusive proof that all our products are made, stored and delivered according to the most demanding hygienic rules.

DE WESTHOEK BVBA (transport)
LIPCAS NV (production)

40 years ago, Daniel Lips opened a small dairy trade à Zwevezele. Shortly afterward, he already supplied dozens of clients with butter, eggs and other dairy products. Gradually, not only private customers but also butchers, grocers, restaurants and department stores began to appeal to his services ... In this way, the wholesale activities became more and more important. About twenty years ago, Daniel Lips started the production of pancakes, and a bit later the production of waffles. It appeared to be a very compatible activity, especially because the basic ingredients (eggs, milk, butter...) were practically the same as the ingredients used for the wholesale activities. Moreover, these products turned out to be perfectly saleable among the existing clientele. Not only the private customers, but also the grocers and the bakers enjoyed selling quality fresh pancakes, without having to worry about a single aspect of their fabrication. The pancakes were put on the market under the brand name "De Westhoek" and very soon, this product had built a common-known good reputation. A logical continuation of this achieved succes was the installation of more modern production methods, in order to increase the production capacity. Because of the start of the production of pancakes under own brand name for different department stores, the company had no problems at all to quickly reach the "new" maximum production capacity.



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